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guangzhou international light Festvial 2020
Nov 27 , 2020

on the evening of november 18th, the 10th guangzhou international lighting festival in 2020 was officially lit. This year, the main venue of the new central axis and the four venues of the old central axis, one river and two banks, and Pati will be linked together and combined with innovative methods such as the cloud light festival and webcast to bring brilliant and colorful lighting works to more citizens and tourists’ experience viewing.

With the theme of "Happy Time, charming Canton",this lighting festival uses light language to tell people's life changes, the prosperity and development of the city, and the most affecting and beautiful happy moments of the previous lighting festivals

The "1+3 mode" will be adopted in this light festival

there are 33 groups of lighting works planned to be exhibited.

"1" main venue:

The main venue of the new central axis (Huacheng Square, Haixinsha asian games Park);

"3" branch venues:

old central axis branch venue (Beijing road commercial District, Haizhu Square)

Pati Sub-venue (Pearl river Parti beer culture and creative art Zone)

one river and two banks branch venues (Haizhu Bridge, Haiyin Bridge, Liede Bridge, 24 buildings on the north bank of the pearl River, media port)

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