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Prolight+sound guangzhou 2020 came to a successful conclusion
Sep 02 , 2020

guangzhou 2020 international professional lighting and sound exhibition which lasted 4days is close on august 24.In this audio-visual feast, exhibitors have done their best to open the era of wisdom of audio and video for visitors, which is satisfactory. The following are highlights of guangzhou Rainstar lighting in this exhibition.

The exhibition area of this year's exhibition reached 80,000 square meters and the 8 exhibition halls which gathered more than 600 exhibiting companies, presenting professional lighting and audiovisual industry chain products to industry buyers. a number of concurrent events, conference forums, and outdoor line array demonstrations which brought a richer and diversified exhibition experience to the guests were staged wonderfully during the four days of the exhibition

in view of the postponement of this year's exhibition, the organizer has decided to hold the next year's guangzhou 2020 international professional lighting and sound exhibition in area a and b of the china import and export fair complex from may 16 to 19, 2021. We look forward to your coming!

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