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The relationship between night economy and light show?
Nov 02 , 2020

The night economy refers to the service industry economic activities that occur from 18:00 on the same day to 2 am the next day. The development of the "night economy" is a powerful measure to increase urban consumer demand and promote industrial restructuring. now china strongly encourages the implementation of the night economy, and the light showis an integral part of the night economy. it can not only increase projects and income for the night economy, but also increase the cultural connotation of the city.

research conducted by William Nordhaus, a Stirling professor of economics at yale university and Quinnipiac university sociologist William Nordhaus (William Nordhaus) shows that when viewed from outer space, night lights reveal the region’s economy process status. it can be seen that the brightness of nighttime lights and the level of regional economic development gdp shows a certain correlation.

With the continuous improvement of people's cultural and material life, night landscape lightinghas gradually developed from " brightening " to "beautification" and then to "culture". The light show has become the main force of the night economy with new and hot lighting. a light show brings traffic, and only with traffic can entertainment consumption, accommodation and transportation consumption.

The light show combines the characteristics of cities, buildings, and scenic spots, and uses smart control, projection and other high-tech to combine and integrate sound, light, electricity, water, mountains, buildings and other performance elements to create an immersive night tour IP. This sensory exciting art performance forms create a good play atmosphere, attract tourists to watch, mobilize the participation and interaction of tourists

The night economy and the light show are inseparable. The night economy cannot be without lights. The city night scene lights not only decorate our city’s night, but also spread the city’s regional cultural characteristics and improve the pattern of urban lighting, thus driving people’s night play and dining consumption. a series of activities, such as shopping and consumption, housing and transportation in order to have promoted the development and prosperity of cities.

The colorful landscape lights at night are inseparable from the role of the light. Rainstar lighting is a professional stage manufacturer established for more than ten years, with excellent technology and high quality

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