LED Beam Moving Head Light
light market new favorite: 3 in 1 moving head light
Sep 22 , 2020

beam moving head light become the mainstream of the lighting market in recent years to the market recognition due to the good brightness effect , wonderful prism effect ,perfect beam effect, strong stability and other advantages. most people choose the beam moving head Light, which frequently appears in stage light shows, weddings, bars and other occasions. but because the simple beam moving head light is without large spots and clear patterns of these shortcomings,So in the market appearance of a 3-in-1 beam moving head lightto make up for this deficiency.

What is a 3-in-1 beam moving head Light? The 3-in-1 beam moving head light has three functions: beam, wash and spot. it can create not only the effect of light beam, but also different colors.And can creat large spot &large pattern as per the adjustment of the lens group .Besides the pattern can also be zoomed.

350W Hybrid Moving Head Light With CMY And CTO

now the new a 350W 3-in-1 moving head light from Rainstar lighting has the above functions. it uses a 350W white led as light source, and is with color temperature 7000K,5°~35° linear zoom high efficiency output. CMY + color wheel, a variety of mixing color ways, powerful mixing color function, rich color and soft transition, the CTO linear can accurately control the color temperature, a static gobo wheel(11 interchangeable gobos + open) and a two-way rotating interchangeable gobo wheel(7 interchangeable gobos + open), interchangeable gobo wheel is convenient for the customers to change gobos, the built-in two-way adjustable speed rotating 5prisms, adjustable atomization effect. in addition to DMX control, there are also powerful RDM control and ArtNet network control technology.In terms of cost performance, it has certain advantages in products of the same type and level.

3-in-1 moving head light is getting more and more attention and favor by the market and is a new favorite in the lighting market due to above the advantage.

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